Aircraft management

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Aircraft management

BackBone Aviation offers aircraft owners a management agreement. Over time BackBone's "crew" (management, flight operations manager, security chief etc.) has achieved more than 35,000 hours on the most advanced aircraft types.

Along with maintenance, operations and sales offered operation of private business aircraft with the objective to streamline and utilize the resources optimally. The result is that the "hassle" is minimized and the hourly rate on their flight is greatly reduced.

BackBone Aviation ensures that the aircraft is always ready to go - day and night. We take pride in reacting faster than anyone else.

If you want your plane leased to others, we have a good customer base that can exploit "excess" hours.

By working with BackBone, it is possible to adapt the need by swapping flight hours on other types. If the need is greater or smaller than with own private plane, the needs are better adapted and cuts costs even more.

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