Fixed wing


Isn't it expensive?

If you can save just one accommodation, we match right from approximately 4 people on Business Class. In addition the value of the time saved. As a basis for decision making, we always show you the equation.

Can you get business class service?

Not just that - you can get it exactly as you want! There is simply being paid for what is being ordered. We can also arrange a red carpet, company logo on the neck tissues, put together menus, champagne and delicacies - etc. etc.

Is it safe enough with smaller aircrafts?

Smaller aircrafts are covered by the same strict rules as larger airliners and charter flights. In addition the extra security is that all passengers often know each other.

Furthermore our planes fly higher than the great charter flights, which is why we rarely experience turbulence.

How early should I book?

An available plane can be booked until 1-1,5 hour before take off. Here is is first come first served.


Safety check?

Are the passengers on a business plane being safety checked? Yes, in the same way as on airliners, but it only takes a few minutes, before everyone goes on the plane and it takes off.


Do I have to check in 2 hours before departure?

One of the advantages of our flights is that you can wait to arrive at the airport until 15 minutes before departure.

- It is all about saving time!

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