Pilot school

Pilot school

BackBone is an ATO - Approved Training Organization.

We make a virtue of offering an education at a high level - the only level we can vouch for. This involves teaching facilities and materials, etc. has been developed from scratch, so it helps to reinforce the learning of our students.


We are a commercial airline operation, but through our work at Greenland among others, we feel a growing need to be able to control the selection of more pilots more carefully. Therefor we started our own pilot school department.


We educate for both private and commercial certificate.

Our strenght is a very flexible approach to educating pilot, and we create the program in so much agreement with our students as we can - to the benefit of both parties.

Our instructors have a very broad experience from both Off- Shore, Greenland, HEMS and general aviation in Denmark.

If you have any questions, please write to go@backbone.aero or call 8110 1230

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